After Historic Peak, Summer Census Shows 16% Drop in Homelessness in Richmond Area | Richmond Local News

The second tally of the year last month counted 699 people in the geographic area of ​​the Continuum of Care, which covers the city and town of Ashland, as well as the counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico , New Kent and Powhatan. Although down from January, the new figure for July is 42% higher than in July 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the region. No count was carried out in July 2020.

Of those enumerated, about two in three were Black and about 40% were 55 or older, according to July tally figures. A quarter of those polled said they had lost their income and access to food due to the pandemic. One in five people say they have lost their home because of it.

In what officials called a “bright spot” in the results, 60% of those counted said they had been vaccinated. King Horne attributed a coordinated effort to the Daily Planet Health Services conducted earlier this year to offer free on-site vaccination at shelters and hotels in the area.

The tally, carried out by outreach workers, service providers and volunteers, documents people sleeping in accommodation programs or observed sleeping outside on a single night. It does not capture people who lost their homes and subsequently moved in with a relative or friend, or anyone sleeping in cars or living in hotels that are not part of the shelter in case program. pandemic in the region.

The number of people counted sleeping on sidewalks, in cars, tents or any other place deemed unsuitable for human habitation more than doubled from January to July, from 98 people to 197 people, according to the figures. The continuum of care will provide “increased services to homeless people to better meet their needs and connect them to shelter or permanent housing,” according to a statement.

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