A chance to become a special master

In an article from September 15, 2021, I described the decision of the Academy of Court-Appointed Masters (ACAM) (1) to try to open up the profession of special masters by inviting people who had not previously been special masters to join our organization. and receive training, mentorship and professional standards; and (2) partner with other organizations both public and private both to recruit diverse candidates to serve as special masters and to expand the means by which special masters can assist in the administration of Justice.

Okay so here’s the rest. On November 21, 2021, CAPA announced the creation of three categories of members: Fellows (who meet the experience criteria in the field); Members (people who do not need to have been a special teacher, but who wish to become one); Associates (people who are interested in the profession of special master but are not currently interested in becoming one). The new membership is open now and you can view it on the CAPA website: www.courtappointedmasters.org.

So how does this make you a special teacher? The Academy has also established several committees, including a training and mentoring committee. This committee is chaired by Roger Haydock (Mitchell Hamline Law School Professor and CAPA Co-Founder) and Amy Gernon (who was Special Master in NHL Concussion Injury). And we are delighted that the former Director of the Federal Judicial Center and Federal Judge Jeremy Fogel is working with ACAM to develop a special teacher training program. We hope to start classes in the first quarter of 2022.

And how does that allow you to work ??? The mentoring program is designed to help provide guidance to new members and share the credibility of some of the most experienced special masters in the world to help a diverse new generation of special masters enter the field. The Academy has also started the process of reaching out in many directions both to recruit interns and to partner with other organizations. For example, we recorded a podcast for the ABA dispute resolution section. I will be moderating a webinar for ABACLE (January 12, 2022) (with a Beyond All Stars panel comprised of former Judicial Division Chairman the Honorable J. Michelle Childs (DSC), l ‘Honorable Charles Breyer (ND Cal.); and ACAM members Kenneth Feinberg and Deborah Greenspan (both of whom have decades of experience in some of history’s best-known special master works). ” hosts another for the National Magistrate Judges Association (January 27, 2022) (with The Honorable Kristen Mix (D. Col.), current NMJA President, the Honorable Kaymani West (DSC) and Special Master and Professor Maura Grossman We are working on reciprocal programs with the American Judges Association, a program for the annual meeting of the National Association for Court Administration, participating in the Federal Judicial Center’s review of the Manual for Complex Litigation and the Expert Evidence Manual, and working with a Nationa committee l Center for State Courts. We also contact many affinity bars to encourage this lawyer experience to consider becoming special masters. We hope to develop a partnership in which special teachers are, as they should be, seen as an integral part of the judicial administration, with new voices to contribute to the effort.

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