5 Best Horror Movies On HBO Max To Stream This Halloween 2022

While many streaming services offer a collection of horror movies on their platforms, HBO Max has arguably one of the most comprehensive libraries of popular horror movies from decades past.

While larger streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have more selections, we think it’s quality rather than quantity that counts. And HBO Max is unbeatable in that department. If you’re looking for award-winning cult classic movies, you’ll want to check out the massive list of titles before your next movie night.

5 best horror movies on HBO Max

5) The conjuration

Released in 2013, Conspiracy was an immediate hit with the public. The story follows the Perron family and their five daughters after moving to a rural farm with a terrifying story. Paranormal detectives are called in to investigate the events, and the group quickly learns that leaving the house won’t protect them. The film led to successful sequels and is one of the best horror films on HBO Max this season.

4) The Exorcist

The Exorcist is nearly 50 years old and is still considered one of the scariest and best-made films of its genre. Loosely based on real events, the film follows the story of a young girl who is allegedly possessed by a devil as the people around her seek to perform an exorcism. The film’s iconic scenes have inspired many other films, and the classic film is perfect for a Halloween movie night. Don’t be fooled by the lack of spooky horror moments – this film relies on instilling terror in its audience in other chilling ways.

3) He

Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, This is a supernatural horror film where an evil clown named Pennywise haunts and terrorizes a group of children in Derry, Maine. If you don’t like clowns, think twice before watching this one, but the film was a hit when it was released in 2017, and was followed by a thrilling sequel. This is one of the best horror movies on HBO Max, not only because of its visual horror elements, but also because it’s so emotionally scary.

2) The Blair Witch Project

This classic ’90s horror flick is unique in that it’s made up of found footage shot by three missing film students who had traveled to make a documentary about the Blair Witch – a supernatural legend popular in Maryland. When the film was first released, many believed the story was based on true events, but this has since been denied. The woodsy setting, supernatural mysteries, and the prospect of watching events unfold via found footage make this horror movie a top recommendation.

1) Shiny

The second Stephen King story on this list, The Shining is a psychological horror film released in 1980 that follows the story of writer Jack Torrance and his family as they move to a remote seaside resort for the winter. With supernatural forces at work, Jack becomes manic and begins to terrorize his wife and son. If you’ve never seen this famous movie, you probably still know some of its memorable scenes and quotes, and it’s often considered one of the best horror movies ever made. The performances, gripping suspense, and iconic horror elements are why The Shining is one of the best horror movies on HBO Max.

Which of these horror movies on HBO Max is at the top of your watch list? Let us know in the comments below.

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