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The photo shows pictures and plaques on a wall

The roots of the 461st Air Control Wing run deep and date back to World War II.

Now the 461st ACW Liberaiders have a visual reminder of where they’ve been so they can see their importance in its growing history.

“The 461st Air Traffic Control Wing Heritage Wall is important because it reinforces the esprit de corps as intended by airmen by seeing the wing’s legacy on the wall,” said Kevin Mulberger, air traffic historian. 461st ACW. “Even though the missions and aircraft flown by the wing have changed over the years, the 461st still retains a deep pride in accomplishing its global mission, whatever it is or may be in the future.”

Mulberger said planning for the 461st ACW Heritage Wall began in November 2019, and the project ended in March 2021.

The wall is located on the first floor of Building 2072 at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. It consists of several panels of landscape and portrait style photos with corresponding descriptions of the history of the wing divided into four eras: World War II, 1953-1958, 1963-1968 and 2011 to the present day .

“The Wing Commander at the time, Col. Edward Goebel Jr., wanted the wall to be created to show all the Airmen who walked through the halls of the building to see the rich heritage and history of the wing to build esprit de corps and pride in the wing, ”said Mulberger.

The historian said the Liberaiders will always be at the heart of the 461st ACW’s legacy.

“The wall shows that whatever mission the squadron has or will have, one thing is constant – the importance of every aviator in the squadron to accomplish their mission,” he said. he declares.

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