10 Marvel C-Listers Who Deserve To Be Avengers

The Avengers are Marvel’s greatest super-team, an assembly of the mightiest heroes whose only job is to protect Earth. The team is the big leagues of the Marvel Universe; becoming a member is the greatest honor for a hero. Joining the Avengers made heroes of all levels stars, giving them the exposure they needed to prove their talent.

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Right now, the Avengers are all A-list heroes, but there are plenty of C-listers, who would make good choices for the team. Some were Avengers but aren’t anymore, and some just didn’t get the chance.

ten Doc Samson’s Gamma Force Would Make Him A Great Avenger

Doc Samson was once an ordinary psychiatrist until he exposed himself to gamma radiation drained by the Hulk. He and the Hulk fought for a time but eventually came to a truce, with Samson acting as Hulk’s therapist on more than one occasion. His super-strength and invulnerability would make him a powerful addition to the Avengers.

Samson is just below the Hulk’s level in strength and maintains complete control of himself. He would automatically be one of the strongest Avengers ever once he joined. Add to that his skills and experience, and Samson would be an incredible Avenger.

9 Quasar would be a powerful addition to the Avengers

Quantum Bands are one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. Wendell Vaughn used them as Avenger for years, but they eventually became the property of Avril Kincaid. After she died, Wendell retrieved them and was able to save Avril from death. However, there was a catch: she could only get out of the tapes by switching places with him.

This dynamic was similar to that between Mar-Vell and Rick Jones with the Nega-Bands. The dual Quasars have been with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while, but bringing them to the Avengers would be an interesting wrinkle for the team, as they would have one Quasar they know and one they get to know.

8 Prodigy could give the Avengers some much-needed mutant representation

Prodigy began his superhero career with the New X-Men before joining the Young Avengers. Since then he has become a citizen of Krakoa and has worked with X-Factor to investigate mutant deaths, using his powers to mimic and absorb the skills of those around him to become one of the best detectives in the world. crew.

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Prodigy is still with X-Factor now, but his status as a former Young Avenger would make him a perfect prospect for the Avengers. He’s a super genius of the highest order and he can fight as well as Wolverine or Kate Pryde, which makes him formidable on and off the battlefield.

seven Quake has the power and experience to become a mighty Avenger

Agents of SHIELD are the best spies in the world, though very few full-time members of the organization have superpowers. Quake was an exception to this rule, working as Nick Fury’s mole after he left the agency. Eventually, she will join his Fury’s Secret Warriors and help him fight the Skrulls and Norman Osborn.

Her vibration-producing abilities, combat training, and inhuman physiology make her a devastating fighter. Quake has everything an Avenger needs. She has worked with members of the team before and has the experience and power level to quickly rise to the upper echelons of the team. She would be one of the most powerful Avengers of all time.

6 The Cosmic Ghost Rider would make a very interesting Avenger

Cosmic Ghost Rider’s popularity has cooled considerably, but he remains one of the most powerful heroes of all time. A future version of Frank Castle who survived an apocalyptic attack on Earth by Thanos, became the Ghost Rider, gained the Power Cosmic, and then served Thanos for a time. Cosmic Ghost Rider has returned to the present and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is devastatingly powerful and completely insane. Making him an Avenger would add an interesting factor to the team. Seeing how he mocks the band members, especially when they find out the truth about his existence, would be worth the price of admission.

5 Speed ​​could take his uncle’s place as an Avenger

Marvel has some pretty powerful speedsters, but the only one that made an impact as an Avenger is Quicksilver. He’s a great hero, but he can also be a rather problematic presence on the team. However, there is a perfect replacement for him in his own family: his nephew, the Scarlet Witch’s son, Speed.

Speed ​​plied his trade with the Young Avengers for a while, but didn’t rise as high in the Marvel hero scene as some of his former teammates. Speedsters can be formidable in battle, and Speed ​​would be perfect in this Avenger role.

4 Wonder Man must join the team

Wonder Man is one of the most powerful Avengers of all time, but he’s long gone. He first came to the team’s attention when he received ion energy powers from the Masters of Evil, dying and resurrecting due to his new physiology. His great strength and invulnerability make him an excellent anchor for the team.

Wonder Man’s entire superhero career has been defined by being an Avenger. He’s not as popular as the other members, but he certainly deserves another spot on the team, pitting his power against the biggest threats.

3 Ares never had the chance to be as great an Avenger as he should have been

Ares is one of the most powerful Olympians, which makes sense for the god of war. He joined the Avengers after Iron Man assumed leadership of S.H.I.E.L.D., acting as the team’s Thor analogue. He remained with the Avengers after the Skrull invasion when Norman Osborn took over and died in battle with the Sentry when he turned against Osborn.

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He has since been resurrected but hasn’t had another chance with the Avengers. Ares was a big puncher, but his tenure with the team was short. Giving him another chance to show what he’s really made of would be perfect.

2 Noh-Varr needs another stint with the team

Grant Morrison’s short stint at Marvel produced some great stories. One of their best creations for the publisher was Noh-Varr, a genetically engineered Kree soldier in an alternate universe. Noh-Varr has a history with the Avengers; he acted as Captain Marvel for Norman Osborn’s Avengers until he realized they were all bad guys, when he left the team and went into hiding.

He joined the team as Protector after Osborn was defeated but did next to nothing. He would also join the Young Avengers and was recently part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Noh-Varr has a lot of potential and would make a great addition to the Avengers, proving he’s always deserved to be there.

1 Patriot deserves a chance to shine

The Young Avengers combined some of the most powerful teen heroes in the Marvel Universe, but not all reached the same heights. Patriot was the grandson of Super Soldier serum test subject Isaiah Bradley and took MGH, or Mutant Growth Hormone, to replicate the Super Soldier’s physical abilities. An eventual blood transfusion from Isaiah gave him these abilities forever, but he left the team before becoming a full-time Avenger.

Patriot proved he was a great hero, so much so that he inspired Rayshaun Lucas to take up the mantle of Patriot. However, the original would have to return and join the Avengers, in order to honor his grandfather and fulfill the promise he made as a young avenger.

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