10 Comics Where the Villain Wins

Given how prevalent superheroes are in most cities, it’s hard to imagine why any comic book character would choose to enter a life of crime, especially considering he’s pretty much insured. to lose. The odds are against most villains interested in dominating or destroying the world, and yet they’re still inspired by villainy because of a few success stories.

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There are a few comic book villains who have been successful and successful in taking down their rival or carrying out their master plans, although it almost never seems to work out for them in the end. However, it’s worth exploring a few villains from various comic universes who have come out on top, for better or worse.

ten Doctor Doom was bored after taking over the world, so he abandoned it in Emperor Doom

Avengers Emperor Doom cover

Destiny of the Emperor by David Michelinie and Bob Hall was released as Marvel graphic novel in 1987 and featured nothing less than Doctor Doom’s takeover of the world. Doom kidnapped Purple Man and built a device to amplify his powers of persuasion, extending his reach across Earth. This allowed Doctor Doom to take control of all but the strongest of minds.

He allied himself with Namor the Submarine to fight those who resisted his control and began to fix the world as he saw fit. As the Avengers tried to mount a resistance, Doctor Doom could have defeated them easily. However, he was bored as an emperor, so he decided to let them destroy his machine and free the world.

9 Bane managed to break the bat and take over Gotham City during Knightfall

08 - Batman Knightfall - Batman vs. Bane

The criminal mastermind known as Bane first appeared during the fall of the knight event as he targeted Batman and set his sights on Gotham City. Bane was enhanced with a powerful steroid known as Venom, making him a deadly threat that proved too much for the Dark Knight to handle. Batman had been severely weakened by a gauntlet of villains Bane freed from Arkham Asylum.

During their confrontation in the Batcave, Bane severely beat Batman and broke his back, leaving him temporarily paralyzed. Bane then took over the underworld of Gotham City and achieved his goal, though he was ultimately defeated by Bruce Wayne’s replacement as Batman, Jean-Paul Valley.

8 Mark Waid and Barry Kitson’s empire explored a world conquered by a supervillain

Empire Golgoth

Empire by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson was a comedy miniseries that explored a world that had been taken over by a villain named Golgoth who invented teleportation. This allowed him to conquer the planet after a world war that left the world without superheroes.

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10 years later, Golgoth found himself facing power struggles between his various villainous allies and within his own family, as his armies were forced to deal with new wars and a continuing potential extraterrestrial threat. to push the wicked further towards evil.

seven Norman Osborn launched his dark reign after a victory during the Secret Invasion

A man stands, pointing a large pistol at the viewer.  He wears a brown suit and his hair is arranged in strange waves.

As Norman Osborn began his costume career as Spider-Man Green Goblin’s nemesis, he had spent time as a “reformed” villain leading the Thunderbolts for the government. This put him in a good position to fire the winning shot that ended the Skrull’s. Secret Invasion, making him a national hero.

Osborn used the leverage to become director of SHIELD’s replacement known as HAMMER, which allowed him to create and lead his own team of Dark Avengers during the Dark Reign an event. Osborn remained in command until his Seat on Asgard finally ended his reign.

6 Lex Luthor and his Injustice League saved the world by taking down the crime syndicate

Lex Luthor Forever Evil

the always wrong The event saw the various teams of Justice League heroes pulled out of the action as the multiversal crime syndicate arrived from their destroyed Earth to take over the planet. The Crime Syndicate has also brought the villains mostly under their control, though Lex Luthor and his Injustice League have come together against the alternate reality team Justice League.

While allied with Batman and a few other heroes, the Injustice League was primarily responsible for defeating the Crime Syndicate and bringing the Justice League teams back. This event started a heroic chapter for Lex Luthor that even saw him temporarily take over as Metropolis’ new Superman.

5 Arcade Killed Quite A Lot Of Young Marvel Heroes On Murderworld During Avengers Arena

Avengers Arena Battle Royale Final Cover

The villain known as Arcade has made a name for himself through the elaborate Murderworlds he sets up for heroes, which are filled with deadly traps and games he creates for both money and his own amusement. Avengers Arena by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker saw Arcade move its Murderworld to an isolated island.

He used advanced technology to put himself in control of a massive battle royale between young superheroes he had kidnapped. A number of heroes were killed by Arcade or each other on the island, and he escaped the entire ordeal with a higher status in the criminal underworld. It’s only undercover avengers that he finally paid for his actions thanks to the survivors.

4 The Plutonian went from hero to evil supervillain and world conqueror in Irredeemable


Mark Waid and Peter Krause traced the fall of the mighty hero known as Plutonian in Boom! Studio’ Irreparable. The Plutonian became his world’s biggest villain after he broke down due to repeated public criticism that led to his secret identity being exposed.

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He turned on his former allies from the superhero team The Paradigm before unleashing devastating attacks on the world in order to force them to let him take control. As The Plutonian is finally arrested and his reign comes to an end, the series has given fans a chillingly dark look at what happens when the good guy goes bad and can’t be stopped.

3 Leviathan managed to take down DC’s secret agencies with no real consequences

Top secret agencies and underground government agencies have been targeted by a mysterious new villain known as Leviathan, who took control of Talia al Ghul’s organization of the same name during the Event Leviathan mini-series. A group of DC detectives investigated Leviathan and its dismantling of organizations like Checkmate, ARGUS, the DEO, and Spyral.

Shaw had good intentions and hoped to create a better world, but his methods ultimately made him the villain. However, the only real consequence he suffered from his initial plans was the public revelation of his identity and history as the Manhunter, which only further motivated the villain in his goals.

2 Kid Loki sacrificed himself to save the world, which allowed Ikol to take over his body

After Loki’s death and the destruction of Asgard during the Seat event, he was reborn into a younger body with no memory of his previous life and became known to fans as Kid Loki. While he still had a taste for evil, Kid Loki was determined not to follow in the footsteps of his former self and began working with his brother Thor as a hero.

However, an echo of his former self known as Ikol remained and continued his plan to bring about his true rebirth. Kid Loki was forced to end his existence and allow Ikol to take over his body in order to save the world from a deal made with Mephisto. The evil Loki returned, though he remained haunted by his younger self.

1 Watchmen’s Ozymandias Killed Millions in His Aim to Save and Unite the World

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon watchmen introduced Adrian Veidt, the former Ozymandias superhero-turned-industrialist who was revealed in the iconic series finale as the mastermind behind a series of deaths that revealed an evil master plan.

Veidt used his resources and manipulated the people in his former allies’ lives to orchestrate catastrophe, using a fake alien threat that claimed millions of lives across the planet. He did this to bring unity to a world that was approaching an unwinnable world war, which might have some fans questioning his place as a villain in the story.

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